Derdeoog: Event & Nightlife Fotograaf Maastricht

hi, i’m Sander Paulussen alias derdeoog

I'm an Event and Nightlife Photographer based in Maastricht, The Netherlands. Take a look through my derdeoog.

When I was 7, I grabbed my dad’s analog camera from his bedside table. I spent the rest of the day taking pictures of everything and everyone in sight. Since that day, I have not stopped capturing photos to document my life. As I have grown older, my passion for photography has been combined with my love for music, parties, and subcultures. I observe, I communicate, I learn and I discover. Only in that way, I can translate the core to the audience in the purest form. 

Rather than aiming for technical perfection, my photography is focused on capturing the energy and emotion of each moment. I strive to create images that convey the feeling of being there, so that viewers can experience the excitement and atmosphere of the moment even after it has ended.